Thursday, January 26, 2006

Latin America:

Brazil Says Nuclear Program Is Peaceful
23 January 2006

AGENCIA BRASIL (BRAZIL) - According to Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) director Carlos Freire Moreira, Brazil’s first uranium enrichment factory (Pictured) in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, operated by INB, is exclusively industrial and commercial. The facility will supply fuel to Brazil’s two nuclear power plants. Moreira says Brazil is a signatory to nuclear non-proliferation treaties and the the Brazil-Argentina Nuclear Energy Application Agency (ABACC) will oversee operations at the Resende facility. He also says Brazil has a good relationship with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Aquilino Serra, a researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, says competition in the field of uranium enrichment technology will be the only international concern relating to Resende. The Resende factory will enrich urnanium by 5%, the limit for industrial/commercial purposes. Serra said, "In order to make a bomb, you have to enrich to 95%."

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Comment: Brazil's
two nuclear power plants are Angra I and Angra II.


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