Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eastern Europe/Balkans:

Slovenia Passes Radioactive Waste Management Program
06 February 2006

SLOVENE PRESS AGENCY (SLOVENIA) - The Slovenian Parliament passed a resolution on the national program for radioactive waste management and spent nuclear fuel for the period of 2006-2015 on 01 February 2006. The resolution outlines the probable scenarios of radioactive waste management and includes a proposal for technical measures. Slovenia's largest producer of radioactive waste is the country's sole N-plant Krsko (NEK). Its in-house waste management facility will reach its maximum capacity by 2010. The document describes a planned facility for storing low-medium level radioactive waste and spent fuel. The facility, built in Slovenia, will store Slovenia's share (50%) of waste produced by the NEK plant, co-owned by Croatia. Slovenian Parliament officials stated the document should define Slovenia's activity in great detail in case Croatia failed to accept its share of the waste by 2023, when NEK's life span runs out.

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