Friday, February 03, 2006

Eastern Europe/Balkans:

Italy's Nuke Re-launch Targets Slovakia/France
31 January 2006

REUTERS (MILAN) – Italy's biggest utility, Enel, aims to spearhead a nuclear re-launch and is presently seeking possibilities to strengthen its nuclear experience abroad. Enel aims to build two nuclear blocks in Slovakia where it has sealed a deal to buy major power maker Slovenske Elektrarne. It has also struck a preliminary deal to take part in France's new nuclear reactor program. Italian energy experts advised that Italy needs political will and popular support to re-launch its nuclear power, banned nearly 20 years ago, and gain energy independence in the face of gas supply problems.

Souce: Reliability: 8.0

Analysis: It is unlikely Italy's nuclear program will re-launch in the near future due to lack of public/political support and the fact that it takes 10-15 years to start up new plants. Enel has an economic interest in an Italian 'Nuclear Rennaissance", but for now it will be marketing its unwanted expertise abroad.

Analytic Confidence: 7.0


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