Friday, February 10, 2006


Koeberg Nuclear Plant Poses Power Problems For Namibia
07 February 2006

The Namibian(NAMIBIA) Namibia’s reliance on South Africa for its power is cause for concern in that country. Issues with the nuclear power station at Koeberg have knocked out power in the country at intervals for the last several months. Officials in Namibia have expressed concern over their country’s lack of independent energy production. Currently, the black outs are just an annoyance, but in the future will become a hindrance to development.

Source: Reliability: 8.0

Comment: South Africa is in the beginning stages of building a brand new, state of the art pebble bed nuclear reactor. Currently, they supply large amounts of power to Zimbabwe and Namibia, and the building of this new may be part of a bid to supply more of Southern Africa with power.


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