Friday, February 03, 2006


SA Will Pay For Backing Iran
30 January 2006

NEWS 24 (CAPETOWN) There is concern internally in South Africa about the open backing of Iran and its decision to pursue nuclear ambitions. Douglas Gibson, Member of Parilament from the Democratic Alliance in South Africa, said openly that SA support may cost his conuntry the support from major trading partners. This allienation of leading European Union countries and the United States will have implications regarding South African standing in the international order, as well as internally. As Gibson stated, "Without the support of these vitally important countries, there is little chance that South Africa will be able to achieve the level of economic growth that is critical to roll back unemployment."

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Comment: Through its connection to the Non-Aligned Movemtn, South Africa has thrown its lot with many Third World countries in support of Iran, notably Cuba and Venezuela. This is not a first for South Africa, in the past South African politicians have shown open support of other pariah states, including: Sudan, Libya, and Zimbabwe.


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