Friday, January 27, 2006

Russia/Former USSR:

Germany Hails Russian Plan For Iranian Uranium Enrichment
27 January 2006

A top German official on Thursday welcomed Iran's possible willingness to set up a joint venture with Russia on uranium enrichment as a way to defuse the crisis over Tehran's nuclear programme. "It looks as if a window of opportunity has been opened since yesterday," said Deputy German Foreign Minister Gernot Erler in a speech to parliament. Erler referred to comments by Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, who said Wednesday his country had a "positive" attitude to Russia's offer which is aimed at preventing Iran from setting up its own enriching facility.The IAEA will vote early next month on whether to send Iran to the U.N. Security Council where it could face the threat of sanctions. Erler and other German government and opposition politicians stressed Berlin did not want to consider a military option regarding Iran.

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Comment: It is likely that the Russian plan for foreign enrichment of Iranian Uranium will be put into action in the next year, but not for any of the reasons that are being made public. For an Iranian regime which has been so completely critical of any foreign interference in their affairs, this is a very strange step. It is possible that some under-the-table deals are in process.


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