Thursday, January 26, 2006

Middle East:

Bush Backs Russian Nuclear Plan For Iran
26 January 2006

REUTERS (WASHINGTON) - President George W. Bush on Thursday backed a Russian proposal to resolve a nuclear stalemate with Tehran and said the United States supported democratic reformers in Iran. Washington and its European allies want Iran referred to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions, but Russia and China have urged caution. People ought to be allowed to have civilian nuclear power, Bush told a White House news conference. But he said he did not believe nations should allow "non-transparent regimes that threaten the security of the world" to gain the technology necessary to make an atomic weapon. Bush laid out conditions for an "acceptable alternative" for Iran. "That the material used to power the plant would be manufactured in Russia, delivered under IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspectors to Iran, to be used in that plant, the waste of which will be picked up by the Russians and returned to Russia."
"I think that is a good plan," he said. "The Russians came up with the idea and I support it."

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Analysis: It is likely that the White House publicly announced its support for the Russian enrichment proposal for Iran because the success of other options is continually in doubt. First, the success of potential military strikes by the US or Israel is looking very bleak, due to the vast number of Iranian nuclear facilities that would have to be targeted. The potential success of the second option, sending Iran's nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council for sanctions, is fluctuating from day to day, as the support of the veto holders (namely Russia and China) continues to wax and wane.

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